Snapshot: 20221125-848d2a5db2

Racket plus Tests
      64-bit x64 windows 7 and up 233.4 MB SHA256: 448b804ea95f5013b8481e89ba2fcb8b9a1d2d4f952f3fc20a7368d18448d610 as “current”
      32-bit x86 windows 7 and up 236.7 MB SHA256: 2ba1ba52f28b88eec08663d38235f7abf97946520ba75c4147330a8462f37f44 as “current”
      64-bit x64 BC windows 7 and up  140.3 MB SHA256: f169dfacfb0313aa8ce6e4540b61948c24a5673b6a68329ad7e354fd2e8abad2 as “current”
      32-bit x86 BC windows 7 and up  139.8 MB SHA256: a6cf8aa1503fb48a1c2b6261cde3627d6995a940edf77e62dd317c3bf93f624d as “current”
   Mac OS
      64-bit Apple Silicon for Mac OS 11  330.1 MB SHA256: 08373e6a251c9a79878ce9e7410ba3f45d2a7830a126b7f3cc231addf0761e8c as “current”
      64-bit Intel for Mac OS 10.9 and up  342.2 MB SHA256: 5003db45a875df2364c33ff1d4b3712159c0ae0ab00bf0ead7b433037b1c0277 as “current”
      64-bit Intel BC for Mac OS 10.9 and up  188.2 MB SHA256: b276e4b36a0a5a52cbae65a2ad732534f789f580034728a847c404e8f4783eb6 as “current”
      32-bit Intel BC for Mac OS 10.6 and up  186.7 MB SHA256: 14f15a05ad5948e1cedbb7746a2585afad1ec9b0e39bf14a2eb34a2d851825a8 as “current”
      64-bit x86_64 built on Ubuntu 20 321 MB SHA256: b1619b46276564f71dab5e70a56266bcaf9e65ab14d8c7501f85cc750d0c0d36 as “current”
      32-bit i386 BC built on Ubuntu 20  191.6 MB SHA256: bbb8baad6a3dea8fa8e71e15c3351408bb2f6a7e42a58c9339ad7b05a4867f43 as “current”
      64-bit x86_64 built on Debian 10 321.1 MB SHA256: 042007908fe5fc6874ab55f3262142ba80f8d544b106c95974ec76a2603b2933 as “current”
      64-bit x86_64 BC built on Debian 10  191.4 MB SHA256: 66f217b4280f9c9eeb50abbcb58e1c2a32968a9b95d48787324a5faf539b025c as “current”
      32-bit i386 BC built on Debian 10  191.5 MB SHA256: 8a2f058cdb63d15a45b297dd37c1b066ca5a1109aafe1cfeb78ace685bcd8849 as “current”
      64-bit x86_64 for pkg-build built on Debian 10  237.1 MB SHA256: b10a67d057b080395d2a4806ab37d0ec92543e4bf68e06936a4e81c5f66a5de6 as “current”
      64-bit x86_64 natipkg built on Debian 10  333.8 MB SHA256: 5993632aff8d479f6d173162ea4ac2070703c66c69e5586b73070784bb7f5587 as “current”
      64-bit x86_64 BC natipkg built on Debian 10  204.1 MB SHA256: 2d8c0f1d25c00b889949e6cd4a04cc80adc3667899137114eeddce9c03061366 as “current”
      64-bit x86_64 built on version 6.7  319.9 MB SHA256: 7cb9055a533d845f54dafe49fe1a6aba31a81ae12d28ea650deaff7ab63e6509 as “current”
      64-bit x86_64 319.6 MB SHA256: 5e06788a77f2c4b9a3723e8496138d41bd6df3082c09113825a9f77c377f92c7 as “current”
      64-bit x86_64 Hipster  320.2 MB SHA256: 44a94b21fb9985c945b87c4f6a864d00986456f37aeb274ee2abb39fe741f16c as “current”
      Source 89.8 MB SHA256: 8bc912b5ee270bb3035e178ef2d1753f18e35b49aec7dd77edc91ad4c8205521 as “current”
      Source + pre-built packages 221.7 MB SHA256: 0a98091b727fa9be7e23398d7258af7feae31d1b6f188afd29741e03c5ba360f as “current”
Minimal Racket
      64-bit x64 windows 7 and up
         Installer 27.3 MB SHA256: 6b643cd2632246339eb51b2dea684ea637a928f1c2c7a08da444a37443220421 as “current”
         Tarball 33.1 MB SHA256: 4a2796103ff265d12ff7904c121c37cbb4cd37fdf1673a611e079e2555fb960b as “current”
      32-bit x86 windows 7 and up
         Installer 26.6 MB SHA256: 31defab03db7fe310ab3334f96fbb2312a988c3afa27a2b46e8eed5a9ed39250 as “current”
         Tarball 32.6 MB SHA256: 185b4c2359729b2ea44a215c6acabba9255c82c4f2f75a3d400f4c282c71dd3a as “current”
      64-bit x64 BC windows 7 and up
         Installer 8.5 MB SHA256: e80c5d8257bf11efc1a54134394a2e1e0d7fe49c534e46be637f06c071efb270 as “current”
         Tarball 11.6 MB SHA256: bb6cef0f42163b4f5f3d18262e7036419ea6c6cb57e94232f0f23e00b1b8719e as “current”
      32-bit x86 BC windows 7 and up
         Installer 8.2 MB SHA256: 95a57efe35839d99c154871f504b093387e3a97824196e25eaff057c07819dc1 as “current”
         Tarball 11.2 MB SHA256: 3ce9a714034f12d9ac41c2e0c3cd2cf1ec5cddf46fda71d20e1fbc2edb01118f as “current”
   Mac OS
      64-bit Apple Silicon for Mac OS 11
         Installer 34.8 MB SHA256: dafaa1ee01d81d396f2c89aa32ed3029af3340b72b17c9cd2ae91b3f662198e5 as “current”
         Tarball 38.9 MB SHA256: 7e198288455186e35a1cefad568000847acdcb61a85956cec722f09c1705e0f7 as “current”
      64-bit Intel for Mac OS 10.9 and up
         Installer 36.9 MB SHA256: 39f39c4047a05367c1dd892ee9f9290b0279d6ece6d9c990b2ddccb155936273 as “current”
         Tarball 39.9 MB SHA256: 1efd462d1442624c4de40efb8eb1c4e961dbd789c45368f08d96ed01f32a440e as “current”
      64-bit Intel BC for Mac OS 10.9 and up
         Installer 12.6 MB SHA256: 7836579d91f0bc6cf3e1e3983d0dc1b5c9f7d73014eb28f94f5742a8b752b34d as “current”
         Tarball 13.3 MB SHA256: 39605ab5508efb5a3bebda2a54967baf8e107197985350d12a6aa8657a244f44 as “current”
      32-bit Intel BC for Mac OS 10.6 and up  12.1 MB SHA256: 5a53913b9b3b4ce2bea03e938623c698abf08eeb56b8d7b406f170922796c7ec as “current”
      64-bit x86_64 built on Ubuntu 20
         Installer 32.1 MB SHA256: e0107904184b4b863f127f1aae1cb0a7fa6f54953a52f81c8af10ad2cae05305 as “current”
         Tarball 32.1 MB SHA256: 64c84d33644304c752a03a272149db9bd166c6d31da3a1e3466897c4fe4a3066 as “current”
      32-bit i386 BC built on Ubuntu 20
         Installer 9.9 MB SHA256: 42da1656bd2ef3d554b22b7506c3d7b5d87f5d11f6ffa5dd8adf4871d2394bf0 as “current”
         Tarball 9.8 MB SHA256: 20f14f2a3f7257f63ff3d0f7cc2dcfd4dfc9e7d8af1329401127bb9610503d96 as “current”
      64-bit x86_64 built on Debian 10 32 MB SHA256: 91643d4fc01bec781ec698b719a78688f9558fded691bf1a658d365c79711e3e as “current”
      64-bit x86_64 BC built on Debian 10  9.8 MB SHA256: 82411af4bfe6757821542521b449606e501e1996254aca96d285b4bb6dbf23bc as “current”
      32-bit i386 BC built on Debian 10  9.8 MB SHA256: 48623d576c8bf45c105005b45a25ae019a245abc339809dd3684ceaf3a39fdb7 as “current”
      64-bit x86_64 for pkg-build built on Debian 10  26.6 MB SHA256: e52e4806cdab786686dd08e9999255df1a21f1eafde9015b568f199b5d2ae224 as “current”
      64-bit x86_64 natipkg built on Debian 10  34.3 MB SHA256: c40c08bf71541b01f6d5ebebf20339e5da43a4ce060b465afe7d4d300ab57fa3 as “current”
      64-bit x86_64 BC natipkg built on Debian 10  12 MB SHA256: 938519b49e44c6e1702caf0631b4b6d5a71fe41e6f382dd308ea8ec3feb10990 as “current”
      64-bit x86_64 built on version 6.7  31 MB SHA256: f69ec46538ba1484b7e8d795368433ebc193291df1d1af60fead75dd2a08ef77 as “current”
      64-bit x86_64 30.7 MB SHA256: 0d24ef796dbae7f8e3903403a8b4bfc0b4da3fbc8f588c8b4aeb1f56a41a2b6d as “current”
      64-bit x86_64 Hipster  31.3 MB SHA256: d61ae1be267c111b33192bc368e3d6bcbc04b34c8409abf4d618f83c45aaa61a as “current”
   All Platforms
      Source 15.7 MB SHA256: 2dd66bd409648761d8c3fd8235775367636d79954be34d06541f6d847f493a5d as “current”
      Source + pre-built packages 21.8 MB SHA256: 6472b0db49dcf4feda8a89eb750d0e0f33b7463bf6def4b153b97e821eb16e15 as “current”

Commit: 848d2a5db2f7523ea6d9d7c4d3a3a18485dd59a7
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Snapshot ID: 20221125-848d2a5db2