2 Dispatchers🔗

Since the Web Server is really just a particular configuration of a dispatching server, there are several dispatchers that are defined to support the Web Server. Other dispatching servers may find these useful. In particular, if you want a peculiar processing pipeline for your Web Server installation, refer to this documentation.

    2.1 General

    2.2 Mapping URLs to Paths

    2.3 Sequencing

    2.4 Timeouts

    2.5 Lifting Procedures

    2.6 Filtering Requests by URL

    2.7 Filtering Requests by Method

    2.8 Procedure Invocation upon Request

    2.9 Logging

    2.10 Basic Logging

    2.11 Password Protection

    2.12 Virtual Hosts

    2.13 Serving Files

    2.14 Serving Servlets

      2.14.1 Setting Up Servlets

      2.14.2 Servlet Namespaces Why this is useful

      2.14.3 Internal Servlet Representation

    2.15 Statistics

    2.16 Limiting Requests

    2.17 Wrapping Requests & Responses