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18.4 Interaction Configuration🔗

The bindings documented in this section are provided by the racket/interaction-info library, not racket/base or racket.

The racket/interaction-info library provides a way to register a langauge’s configuration for a read-eval-print loop and editor.



  (or/c #f (vector/c module-path? symbol? any/c))
(current-interaction-info info)  void?
  info : (or/c #f (vector/c module-path? symbol? any/c))
A parameter that provides configuration for a language for use by interactive development tools, such as a command-line evaluation prompt with syntax coloring and indentation support. This parameter is typically set by a configure-runtime module; see also Language Run-Time Configuration.

Instead of providing configuration information directly, the current-interaction-info parameter specifies a module to load, a exported function to call, and data to pass as an argument to the exported function. The result of that function should be another one that accepts two arguments: a symbol indicating the kind of information requested (as defined by external tools), and a default value that normally should be returned if the symbol is not recognized.

For information on defining a new #lang language, see syntax/module-reader.

Added in version of package base.